We offer Virtual HR solutions, specially designed for every stage of the employee life cycle

The presence of an HR department is a paramount,whether you own a small or big business. If you own  a small business, you may not need a dedicated HR department, but a team that handles your business’ HR needs is necessary for dealing with employee issues. In Addition, the presence of a good HR can help to reduce the risk of costly lawsuits.
In fact, HR is complicated and having a helping hand can do a lot to re-shape your business in better shape. Our team of Virtual HR managers can efficiently handle your business’s HR needs. HR services usually include hiring, sorting compliance requirements, employee relations and a lot more.
Additionally, our services are structured to fit in your unique needs. We make adjustments to understand the specifications of your business and apply schemes that will work best for your Business.

We offer Every hr service Virtually

We digitise HR processes,to regular compliance updates and reporting for optimising employee satisfaction,engagement and effectiveness by providing  benefits, compensation and performance management for seamless talent acquisition and management

Automated Virtual Hr Services

We replace slow, inaccurate paper-based processes to ensure systematic consistency for all employee records and HR functions. We offer Virtual HR solutions for local and global businesses to hire, develop, and retain employees for giving high-performance.

We deliver actionable HR insights and measurable value to the business by managing overall administrative aspects of your HR functions


Payroll Services

Being a business owner, it could be very challenging to work more effectively when administrative jobs like payrolls are managed by you. Your focus get diverted, resulting less focus on much important tasks. As part of our services, we manage the  following tasks associated with payroll processing:

  •  Direct deposits
  • Tax reporting and filing
  • Employee forms
  • Health benefit enrolment.
    We offer extensive and customizable Human Resource Services to fill your business needs.